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Finding happiness in honey

Don't worry bee happy

It's an old adage we've all heard time and time again. But what does it really mean?

Worries are a natural part of life and there is something to be said for acknowledging that constant happiness is not realistic, nor healthy, for the average person.

Instead, we think it's best to take the approach that happiness occurs in the little moments.

Here are a few simple ideas to put a smile on your face, every day... 

Creating something is a surefire way to spark some happiness in our everyday routines.

Cooking and baking are simple ways to be creative and what's best is you get to eat the end result. Little ones can be involved in the process too, even if it's just to lick the mixing spoon...Yum!

Check out our featured recipes for more ideas!

Another way to get creative is to get crafty

We know many of our honey lovers are big thinkers on the environmental impact of their consumption. You can get nifty by reusing honey jars to house your plants, store pens, or make a piggy bank!

Lastly, happiness is often found in the connections we have with others.  And hey, sending a letter (or some honey 😏) is a sweet way to let your loved ones know that they're on your mind ❤️