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Our Classic Honeys

Our earliest Airborne artwork from 1930 A design from around 1965

Airborne is the oldest surviving honey brand in New Zealand and so generations of families have been raised with the classic "blue and white label with the bee on it". Today we have the same bee on the same blue and white label with a honeycomb background (just like our website background), but now we have a "Bush" honey and a convenient liquid honey in bright colourful designs the kids will love. Originally packaged in waxed cardboard pottles, it is today packaged in clear recyclable jars allowing you to see the quality you are buying.

Classic Creamed Honey

Classic Creamed Honey

Creamy, smooth and spreadable. Stays on your toast right where you put it without running everywhere! Light mild flavour. Honey sandwiches are a wonderful healthy snack for the kids after school or in their school lunches

Classic Liquid Honey

Classic Liquid Honey

Runny Honey! Great for mixing into drinks, smoothies, on icecream, over fruit for that great start to the day, lemon and honey drinks for winter health. A mild delicate flavour.

Classic Bush Honey

Classic Bush Honey

Creamy spreadable Bush honey. A stronger flavour for those with a desire for that nostalgic trip to the beekeeper or those wanting that extra flavour in their honey. A range of mixed bush sources including manuka. Caution! May be Addictive!

Classic Manuka Multi floral

Creamy, spreadable Manuka Multifloral honey has enough manuka to make this a pleasant flavour but still available at an affordable everyday price.

Behind the scenes we still use all our skill and long experience to keep quality at a premium and consistency of flavour right where you expect it to be. Nothing but the Best! And all backed by our no questions asked replacement guarantee*

Like the rest of our products you can see the batch code on the back that has the assurance that we can trace every drop back to the apiaries in New Zealand that it was produced from. 100% Pure New Zealand Honey!

* Our Replacement Guarantee (New Zealand only)

If at any time you have any complaint about one of our products, we will replace it, no problem, with a courier to your door, with a paid return courier pack to send the faulty product back to us to examine the problem and report back to you. We take our quality very seriously.

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