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What differentiates Airborne Honey from other honey brands?


  1. Airborne Honey uses the international CODEX standard to define manuka honey
  2. For honey to be defined as manuka honey 3 parameters need to be measured.


Organoleptic                             Taste profile


Physicochemical                      Sugar and mineral profile


Microscopic                               Pollen profile


Quality                                       HMF profile                                                


  1. Airborne summarizes the standards of manuka on its label under Honest, Undamaged & Traceable label on the back of every jar.


Honest                      Over 70% manuka pollen   


Undamaged            Under HMF 10mg/kg (Hydroxymethlfurfural)


Traceable                 Can be traced back to the beehive


  1. Consumers can enter the batch number into "Trace Me" on a website and see all the parameters for the honey in the jar http://www.abh.tips
  2. Airborne Manuka 70+, 80+ and 85+ The numbers refer to the purity of manuka honey.
  3. No therapeutic claims can be made for manuka honey sold in retail packs.
  4. It is very important to confirm the Manuka pollen content is over 70% manuka pollen The actual manuka pollen percentage for the batch is published on the label under Honest. 
  5. Good quality Manuka Honey should have over 70% manuka pollen "Honest" have an HMF level below 10mg/kg "Undamaged" and can be tracked back to the beehive "Traceable"




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