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  New Zealand National Beekeepers Assn (NBA). The organization that currently represents beekeepers in New Zealand.

Peter Molan and the Honey Research Unit (HRU) Manuka honey's antibacterial properties.
This link no longer works due to Peter's research being pulled from the University's website.

His work is now hosted at this site, however requires the entry of an email address to get maximum functionality.


MPI - New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.
MPI is a new ministry (as of 2012) formed from the merger of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Fisheries and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. It administers most of the key pieces of legislation that the beekeeping industry operates under.

  MPI( Was New Zealand Food Safety Authority) Bee Products Page.
Legislation relating to the New Zealand beekeeping industry

NZ Trade and Enterprise - New Zealand's Trade Development Board


Allos - Germany - Quality Honeys from around the World


QSI - Institute for Honey Research - Bremen Germany - honey analytical laboratory.


American National Honey Board - "Which conducts research and marketing programs for the USA's honey industry, shares its latest research findings, recipes and answers to frequently-asked honey questions". One of the best honey websites in the World.


Capilano Honey, The Australian Honey Cooperative


Australian Bee Keeping Industry Council

  BIO-GRO New Zealand. New Zealand's main organic certifying organization (including honey).
  International Bee Research Association. British based, the IBRA has an excellent library and is the international nexus of bee research.
  IHEO - International Honey Exporters Organization
"Objective of the organization is to defend better the price of the honey, meaning a fair price for beekeepers but without neglecting the buyer's side."
  Bee List Archives The (easily) searchable archives of Bee List, the international mailing list of approx. 1,000 members from the beekeeping and entomological community World Wide. An excellent source of information on all things relating to beekeeping dating from July 1989
  NZ Bee Products Standards Council -(BPSC) The BPSC was formed with encouragement from the NZFSA in 2005 at the conclusion of the industry working party project to develop a Code of Practice for the honey industry. It has become the chief interface between the NZ Government and the NZ Beekeeping Industry.
Nominees came from the NBA, FFBees and the Honey Packers and Exporters Association, and the NZFSA.
  Natural Sciences Image Library
A photographic stock library specializing in natural science images, both pure and applied from New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific
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