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Three generations of the Bray family have shaped Airborne’s cultural roots. From 1910 until now each generation has built on the company's spirit of creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. Everything, in fact, that's at the heart of our philosophy and culture today.
The most important part of that journey has been YOU. We love your feedback, your intriguing questions that make us think, and your loyalty to our brand.
Thank you.

Here's some of the communication that keeps us smiling…


First, let me just mention that your honey is the best I've ever tasted!

I live in Norway, and wonder if I can get Airborne's fantastic honey
anywhere here? I used to live in the UAE for some years, and always bought
your honey from the local supermarked there. After moving back to my
country a few months ago I haven't been able to find it anywhere here.

Is there any way for me to get my hands on some jars of your honey now?
The local honey we get in Norway is also really good, but after I got used
to Airborne honey I realise they can't even be compared!!
! Is it possible
to buy Airborne online? I'm getting desperate.....

Kind regards,

Elin Ohm
Oslo, Norway.


My mom is 72 and she is an avid tea drinker and honey addict for her entire Polish life. She tried your honey the other day and she said to me, Suzanne that is the BEST honey I ever had in my 72 years. Trust me, this woman is high maitenence! Anyway, can you send her a catalogue...she is not too handy with the computer...thanks so much.


just writing to say I love  your honey, and I always make sure I get it whenever
I get honey. I even make sure my partner does if she goes shopping. I'm not a
cantab originally, but I love it here, and it's so good to see a local product doing well.

by the way, love the jars too, really handy for screws and bits in bobs in the garage.

keep up the good work and the great honey.

yours sincerely,

Chris McCulloch

Hi There..... this is not a complaint!
But rather a note to compliment you on a
wonderful product which I have been purchasing
here in Countdown Hamilton.
Its now my second 500g jar of "Airborne"
creamed honey and it is just superb.

It is so easy to spread on my toast and
the sweet flavour is just great.
Last week I used it in a recipe for Honey
Rice Bubbles
and noticed that they vanish from
the container rather quickly..... and no one is
owning up!
Last time we went shopping I
noticed different varieties such as "bush honey"
so may give some others a try as well''
Thanks again.
Keven Ferry

Dear Sir or Madam,
As a user of Airborne Honey I want to congratulate you for reaching 100 years of producing fine honey.
Manuka is tops of course but I also enjoy manuka with wildflowers.
Yours Sincerely
Doreen J. Woods (Mrs).

Hi there, 
I am addict to Airborne Honey, especially the blend of - Bush Honey with Manuka Honey.
 The best ever Honey Jar you could select in any store.
 I congratulate you and I appreciate your quality.
 All the Best  Sincerely yours  Mohamed El-nabi

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Hi there,
I just wanted to email to say that the only honey I buy is Airborne and the reason is that you are the only honey in the supermarkets I visit whose packaging is packaged in “1” or “2” and so is recyclable in Wellington.  I am amazed that all the other honeys seem to be in “5” plastic – is it cheaper?

I doubt many shoppers look at packaging, but I really try to pick things that minimize packaging so I just wanted to let you know that if you have made a conscious effort to be more sustainable, then it is paying off for at least one shopper (and my husband does eat a LOT of honey J)
Regards, Jane Clark

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Thank you very much for responding to my question about Manuka honey.  The Manuka honey I purchased is delicious and I will continue to buy it for the wonderful flavor.  I also have a better understanding of the UMF rating and I appreciate the time you took to explain that it is a registered trademark that only certain honey producers use as a guideline.  Once again, thank you for your email. Nancy Hiller

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Dear Peter,
Thanks so much for your prompt reply.  Wonderful product, wonderful company!
Evan Mahl

Dear Sir, when in New Zealand I found that your Manuka honey is very good
and I would like to have more
; would you tell me where I can purchase you
honey in Rome (Italy)? Thank you for your attention.
Best regards
Antonio Nicolai

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Dear Mike,

Thanks for such a wonderful email!  

Some people think that honey is "just honey"!  We of course know differently!  To find someone who shares our opinion and also takes the time to write to us is is very rewarding. 

I have forwarded your email on to all our staff.  It will make their day.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Peter Bray

> Dear All at Airborne Honey
> As a Kiwi who has lived in Asia for many years, I would like to say a big thank you for your
> creamed honey
, which has always been a favourite of mine. Yesterday a friend from NZ arrived
> and amongst the goodies, were two 500 gram lots of your creamed honey, which is really great,
> they will not last long.
> Years ago in China, we would bike from one side of our city to the other, when we heard that there
> was some cheese or cornflakes, or something Western or Kiwi, as no matter how long you live in
> a country and love the local food, you do always crave for something from your home country.
> Here in Chiang Mai in Thailand we can get just about anything, at a price, such as the much
> needed vegamite or weet-bix. But you cannot buy creamed honey of any description, and for
> those of us who love it, it is a real blessing when someone can bring some in.
> So thanks for making such a good creamy honey, and when we return to Timaru for a visit later in
> the year, you can be sure that your creamed honey will be returning with us.
> Keep up the good work
> Mike Galpin

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Hi Sandra,
Thanks so much for the accolade! It's wonderful to have such positive

We really appreciate the time you have taken to write to us and let us
know your thoughts.

Kind regards,
Peter Bray

> A friend of mine gifted me a 500gm jar of your Airborne NZ Kamahi honey
> and I must tell you that it is the best honey I have ever tasted. I will
> not use it on/in anything. Instead, I start each day with a small
> spoonful of the honey by itself. The flavours in this honey are
> spectacular
! In my past, nothing came before my morning coffee!
> I am going to try all your honeys. There is a kiosk at St. Lawrence
> Market here in Toronto, Canada, which sells all flavours of your honey.
> Once again, spectacular! Thank you so much.
> Cheers, Sandra Jackson

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This is the niciest honey,BUSH HONEY on toast in stir fry maranaide in cakes instead of sugar.                                          Will continue to buy it and recomend to others
Regards Ruth Mikaio

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your wonderful comments about out honey!

Have a look on our website for our US importers. Direct link to the page
reference is:


If you have any trouble, come back to us.

Kind regards,
Peter Bray

> A friend of ours (who is originally from New Zealand) recently took a
> trip to NZ with her family and they were kind enough to bring back some
> of your delicious honey to us in Texas. We absolutely LOVED it - best
> honey I have ever had
. Are there places here where we can buy your
> honey? Can we order online through you? I hope you are proud of your
> superior product - you should be. Susan

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While on vacation in Toronto my husband and I purchased some of your Rata honey. I was wondering if there is a retailer in the USA that carries your products so I could purchase some more, because we love it so much. I was hoping that if I could get it in the states I might be able to have it sent to me in the Chicago area. Any help would be appreciated. 
Thank you,
Amy Brown

I am in Florida and really enjoy your product. Please send me information on how I can purchase 6 ea. 500gm jars of Rata Honey. Please let me know the cost in US dollars including shipping. Thank you.
regards, David Bloomfield

When my husband and I were visiting New Zealand 2 years ago, we purchased your Manuka honey and loved it.  We live in the United States.  Is there any source for buying it in the Chicago, Illinois area?
Thank you.
Alina Althans

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Hi Peter
Thx for website link.
There were interesting areas and I have bookmarked it for future reference. I am impressed with the pedigree and history of the company.
thx again

loved your honey, best we have ever tasted.

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for your help! My girlfriend made the same point you did about certain types of honey and their hygroscopic qualities, pertinent to her because she's a baker and moisture is a key element in bread-making. I really do appreciate your help (I've certainly learnt more than I was expecting to), and I'll keep you up to date with my project. By the way, your company's website is fantastic - very informative and a wealth of information.

Kind regards,
Nigel Olsen

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After years of buying clover blend honey I tried out your Bush Honey. It was very good. Now am going to try out your other flavours

Hello -
I just picked up a jar of your Manuka honey in our local supermarket.  I noticed it was new in their imported foods section and it looked really delicious.  Although it was quite expensive, we decided to give it a try.  We stirred some in our tea this morning and it is very unique tasting - I love how different it is from the standard "sue bee" honey that we have here in the United States.  Not as overwhelmingly sweet and much more complex tasting - much like a fine wine! I can't wait to try some of your other varieties!
Lyn White
California, USA

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