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Creamed Honey

  Creamed honey is 100% pure honey - there is nothing extra added. The "creaming" process relies on, and enhances, honey's natural tendency to crystallize. Utilizing this feature creates a product with a very small crystal size (less than 25 microns - 0.025mm), so small that the product appears smooth and silky. The interlocking nature of these crystals gives the product its smooth, thick, spreadable texture.
The "pearly" appearance of good quality creamed honey is evidence of the small crystal size. When small crystals form they are flat in shape. Any disturbance in the product (such as when the jars are filled - see picture on right) causes the crystals to be aligned together. The flat sides of the crystals reflect light while the edges do not. This effect creates a pattern of light and dark "swirls" in the honey - creamed honey at its best!
From early development in the 1930s creamed honey has become a large part of the New Zealand consumer's diet.
  Fine "Pearly" Creamed Honey

Approx. 80% of all honey sold in New Zealand is sold in this form. The acceptance of high quality creamed honey by the New Zealand consumer has led to the exceptional level of honey consumption of 2 kilos per person. This is unequaled anywhere in the World and is a point worth noting by countries looking to increase their own honey consumption.


Airborne has many years experience producing creamed honey and was one of the early pioneers of this process. Today with exacting honey selection and controlled production techniques, Airborne produces some of the best creamed honey available anywhere.

Creamed Honey Too Hard??

A useful tip! Sometimes when you buy creamed honey, it is too hard to use easily. This is because most of the crystallizing has happened after the jar was filled and it has "set:" hard. If you microwave the jar (around 30 seconds on high for 500 grams) it will soften - and it stays soft!

Creamed clover honey



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